About Us

True Scent Scented Candles


History: True Scent Candles was founded by two Rhode Islanders.  The first store opened in 1983 as a candle and gift shop.  As true artisans, they spent years mastering and perfecting the craft of candle making. The goal was to develop a candle that could throw a strong scent while not leaving any black soot behind.  In 2002, they revolutionized the candle with the introduction of the Glacier Wax Soot Free burn formula.  To the delight of the avid candle burner, the SOOT-FREE candle had arrived. Due to the popularity of the candle and its a performance, they switched to making their entire line of candles with this product.

After enjoying 30 years of success and dedicating their lives to the art, it was time for them to retire.  In 2013 the company was sold to long time loyal customers of the brand.  A new manufacturing facility was set up and the True Scent Candle is still being made with the same high quality, craftsmanship and integrity designed by its founders.

Today:  True Scent Candles remains a family-owned; New England based company that prides itself on using all American-Made materials to produce a superior product.

Staying true to the methods that made our trusted brand what it is today; True Scent Candles are still hand-poured by our candle artisans. This style of traditional craftsmanship remains a part of our company culture to ensure that we deliver a high quality candle that offers a clean burning, longer lasting candle, with a strong, aromatically pleasing scent.

True Scent Candles being poured by hand

True Scent Candles still maintains its retail operation in Warwick, RI at our Factory Outlet Store, or you can order your favorite candle online.  As a manufacturer, the candles are also sold wholesale to other retailers and distributors.

True Scent Candles continues to expand its offerings. Our fundraising department works with schools, sport and community groups to help run successful and profitable campaigns to fund their goals.  Additionally, our Custom Candle department works with event planners, the hospitality industry and individuals to create a custom product to make their special occasion truly personalized and memorable.

Working with our distributors, our Odor Eliminator candles have found themselves a new market.  No longer is the candle just a home decor piece. This product has a proven performance that has become a functional solution to a common problem.

As we continue to grow, our core values remain the same.  Our commitment to producing a high quality, SOOT-FREE candle and our genuine love for our customers does not waver.

Our Mission: To make the highest quality, environmentally friendly, scented candle products that provides our customers with a luxury they can afford.

True Scent Candles is a manufacturer that is always mindful of our environment and our community.  We continue to use best practices, recycle, and reinvest in our people and our country.