True Scent Scented Candles

Satisfied Customers

“I received my candles today and just want to thank you so much!  Your customer service is the greatest!  I am truly a loyal true scent customer and will be sure to continue recommending your candles to everyone I know.”  – Leeann 

“I received one of your Odor Eliminator True Scent Candles and I love it!  I’ve tried so many other name brand candles and none of them have removed the cooking smells and pet odors that your candle has.  I was skeptical at first and thought “Oh just another candle that claims to eliminate odors” but I was amazed! It does indeed “remove” the odors not just mask them!    And the fact that it is soot free has me hooked!  And an added bonus:  It’s made right here in the United States….my home state of Rhode Island!  Thank you for a great product!  Looking forward to experiencing your other scents!!!”   –  Rosemarie

“The candles are wonderful…lovely scents and absolutely no soot.  I definitely am a very happy customer. The new retail location is very easy to find.”  –  Marilyn