True Scent Scented Candles

True Scent Candles offers two selling seasons for your fundraising needs

Spring: January – June   &   Fall: August – December

Why True Scent Candles?

  • Soot Free
  • Hand Made
  • American Made product
  • Longer Lasting Burn time
  • Strong scent


True Scent Candles will help make your campaign easy.

Here is how it works: 

  • True Scent Candles will provide the sell sheet and order form. It will be a one-page, two sided flyer. The products will be listed on the front and the scent choices and order form on the back.
    • Scent choices will be limited to 10 (per season)
    • Campaigns usually run for 2 weeks or 10 days.
    • There are no material costs to the group/organization.
  • Each order will be individually packaged and labeled by order.
    • Orders are shipped 21 business days after receipt of the orders.

Profit:  You earn 40% profit of all sales!

  • How Payments are handled:
    • After we have processed your order, you will be provided with your group summary and an invoice.
    • Invoice details will include:
      • Total sales in retail
      • Profit made by the group
      • Total retail minus the profit will be shown as a subtotal
      • Shipping charges and Applicable State Taxes are added
        • Total Amount due to True Scent Candles


Payments can be made by:

Group/Organization Check, PayPal, Visa or MasterCard